Friday, July 4, 2008

Walking the High Line (Part One)

Today, July 4th, I walked almost the entire length of the High Line, 33rd to 14th Street. After avoiding a security guard, crawling through mangled underbrush and maintaining a low profile on the lower part of the tracks, I was able to stroll the High Line, alone, like the last man on earth! Soylent Green is People!


Ackworth Born said...

some super shots here - I just noticed the blog in your profile and took a peep - I like the graffiti face.

Alida Thorpe said...

A few links led me here and I'm glad I got to see this.
Thanks for showing us the "under construction" sections.

Anonymous said...

Oh, THANK YOU for trespassing! What a great record. The HighLine's done now: all fancy, pretty, well-attended and tended. But wow, how much cooler it was before! just not as accessible to the law-fearing crowd. Good for you!